Share your life by cards
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Put everything on a card
In Cardea, we put photos, videos, texts, paintings, locations, links... on a card. Then connect them together. They are not some scattered fragments any more, but become a card with ideas and fun.
Achieve ideas by powerful tools
In Cardea, there are many powerful tools to help you to make a gorgeous card. You can use the Rich Text Editor to create some beautiful text effects. Or beautify the photos by using the Photo Editor. There are even editors for videos and sounds, not to mention the unique animation system. All you need is here, the only thing that matters is your creativity.
Rich Text Editor
Share your cards in multiple ways
In Cardea, you can share your card to your followers, or send to your friend. Cardea is kinda like Instagram or Vine. It's a social network, so you can share your cards to your followers inside Cardea. Or You can send your card to your friend, even he hasn't joined Cardea yet. It will generate a webpage, then you can send him the link by any way you like.